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Mobility Work – 24 Hour Gym San Antonio

This is a quick hip mobility warm-up to get your joints going! Mobility is so important for keeping that body fresh and feeling good. There are also fewer injuries if you’re performing your mobility before each workout.

Get with Coach Sammy to maybe come up with a mobility workout of your own.

Say no to a boring Crunch! Fitness should be fun!


San Antonio Gym

So no to boring crunches! Get an Ab Routine!

1. Reverse Crunch: 25-30 reps
2. Plank: 30-60 seconds
3. Russian Twist: 15-20 reps each side
Complete back-to-back with 30 seconds between exercises (optional), and 60 seconds between sets.

Check out the entire youtube playlist for some amazing abs and core workouts to help guide your fitness journey.



San Antonio 24 Hour Access Gym – Movement


Move Everyday! The most optimal time to move is in the morning.


A “Simple” joint mobility practice first thing in the morning to get the juices flowing, and check in with your body TODAY. Think of it as a spinal wake-up. The mobility portion is ground level/foundational work. Everything else builds upon this. You can use these techniques for recovery sessions, warm-ups, or for any time of the day you feel you need them.

Another great thing to do is take a 15 minute walk. You can do this whenever the moment hits, and take this walk with no devices to get the full experience. This is a great way to cool down, reset the nervous system, tap into the breath, the body, and to help you find some mental clarity when you need it.

All-in-all, begin to develop your own movement practice. Whether your movement practice is lifting, bike riding, hiking, boxing, jiu-jitsu, rock climbing, etc. There are many ways to move, so find one that you truly enjoy and have fun with it! Push yourself and see what else you are capable of.”