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Nutrition is Key

Initial Consultation

Before the consultation you will be sent a questionnaire to get a better sense of what you need and to
better understand you. After this is filled out, we will schedule the in-person meeting where we will
discuss what you will need to do to succeed in your health goals.


Monthly Service $150 ($300 value)

This will involve a consultation at the beginning of every month so we can track how your body is doing and what adjustments need to be made. With this you will be able to have a weekly check in (usually by text) with Will and he may make certain adjustments or recommendations during this time. Will hopes
to not have you working with him for more than three months on average. His belief is that you should be able to learn and be self sufficient in that time if things are done correctly.


Whatever you do! Come in, reach out, and start today!

“Health is the result of investing in good nutrition.”